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About Taboo Talk

This column is dedicated to topics that are considered too sensitive, and often neglected or avoided in public spaces.

‘Taboo Talks’ sheds light on questions, issues, concerns, and real-life situations that are not openly discussed.

Nothing is TABOO for all people under all circumstances for all time

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I Love Having Sex For Money

Five years ago, on a Thursday afternoon in June, I met a man who would change my life forever. I was working at a bank in Basseterre when one of my clients came in close to closing to make a $15,000 cash withdrawal. When I looked at his account balance and realised that that figure barely put a dent in his total savings (plus, he had a few other accounts), I looked up to really look at who it was. He looked back at me – I think he recognised the look I was giving him – and smiled. He…

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