Deputy PM Hanley Addresses Concerns After Fatal Shooting at the Irishtown Primary School

Deputy Hanley and PS PistanaDeputy Hanley and PS Pistana

On Tuesday February 14, a most heinous crime unfolded in the after-school period at the Irishtown Primary School when a gunman fatally wounded Ms. Dahlia Hanley, a security officer at the school. Reports indicate that Ms. Hanley succumbed to injuries from multiple gunshot wounds. The brazen act of violence perpetrated in broad daylight left the school and the entire McKnight community aghast and searching for answers.

Following swiftly on the heels of this most horrific incident, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley addressed the nation expressing horror at the incident and showing concern for the welfare of the students, teachers and family members of the Irishtown Primary School, and for the entire education fraternity. The Minister of Education advised that the school was to be closed for face-to-face instruction until Friday February 24 while staff and students received compassionate care.

The Garden Hot Spurs football team staged a march on Thursday February 16 to express their utter disgust at the senseless and horrific loss of a mother whom many describe as a loving and kind-hearted person. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Lisa Pistana joined the march and encouraged the public to provide sensitive support to the Irishtown Primary school community.

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