Biggest Earthquake In Many Years Hits Syria And Turkiye

Earthquake in Turkiye and SyriaEarthquake in Turkiye and Syria

A devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Türkiye, close to the border with Syria, in the early hours of 6 February. The massive quake was followed by multiple aftershocks, instantly killing thousands and injuring many, many more on both sides of the Turkiye-Syrian border. It is estimated that when it is all said and done, nearly 50,000 lives would have been lost.

The earthquake took the lives of people all age groups but over the last several days, in frantic effort  to save lives, rescuers have been pulling survivors from the mountains of rublle left in the wake of the massive earthshaker.

An infant child born in northern Syria during the devastating earthquake has been reunited with her aunt and uncle, after her parents and siblings died in the disaster. The newborn was later identified as the child of Abdallah and Afraa Mleihan, who died in the earthquake along with their other children in the rebel-held town of Jandaris in Syria’s Aleppo province.

Turkish authorities have reported that more than 84,000 buildings have either collapsed, need urgent demolition or were severely damaged in the quake. One of the areas severely hit was Antakya, an ancient crossroads of civilisations. The city has suffered several earthquakes – almost one every 100 years – and is no stranger to rebuilding.

Local, regional and international efforts are afoot to provide food, clothing and shelter for thousands of families left homeless in the harsh winter after the monstrous disaster.

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