World Consumer Rights Week Focuses On Clean Energy And Consumer Education

Department of Consumer Affairs

Today, March 14, is the launch of the Consumer Education Programme for Children, one of the major events in the commemoration of World Consumer Rights Week. The St. Paul’s Primary, Saddler’s Primary and the Dr. William Connor Primary schools will feature in the launch of the Programme orchestrated by the Ministry of Economic Development, International Trade, Investment, Industry and Commerce.

Minister with responsibility for Consumer Affairs, Dr. the Hon. Denzil Douglas, revealed that the Consumer Education Programme within the schools is part of a massive campaign by his Ministry, to highlight the multi-faceted approach that is required to address consumer issues. He also shared that it is a platform to generate more awareness on the relationship between clean energy and long term sustainability on consumers.

The Charleton Edwards Memorial Consumer Affairs Primary School Quiz Final, on March 15, World Consumer Affairs Day, will also be a platform to underscore the importance of educational awareness and the lasting impact of clean energy on consumer rights.

Dr. Douglas disclosed that the theme for this year’s World Consumer Rights Week, “Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions,” speaks to educating citizens as well as advocacy for changes of policies, which are intertwined with consumer transactions.

“All stakeholders- consumers, retailers and government- must be made aware of the need for protection from the negative effects of greenhouse gases. There has to be extensive promotion of clean energy sources and their cost saving benefits,” the Senior Minister warned.

“We must transition from our dependence on fossil fuels to more sustainable, financial and economically viable sources, which prove more beneficial to consumers,” Dr. Douglas added.

Other activities this week include a Business Appreciation Pop-up, on March 16, and a team-building exercise for the Department of Consumer Affairs on March 17.

Earlier this week there was a praise and worship service, on March 12, and broadcasts on various radio stations on consumer affairs, on March 13.

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