Urgent, Proactive Interventions From Residents, Part of Good Stewardship Of Water Supply

Students getting conservation tips at the World Water Day Exhibition, at the La Guerite Treatment Plant

Kittitians and Nevisians are being challenged to be better stewards of the country’s water supply, ahead of World Water Day, which is celebrated on March 22.

The plea was made by the Minister with responsibility for Public Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, Hon. Konris Maynard, in a national address.

“Here in St. Kitts-Nevis, this must be a time of reckoning for us. For the past few decades, our local water experts have been sending out the message, but few of us have been taking heed. The message is simple for all of us to understand. We live on a small island of 68 square miles; all of our freshwater comes from the rain that falls on the island. It does not rain every day and sometimes it goes for weeks without raining; but we expect to use water every day. If we do not use the little water we have conservatively; we will run out,” Minister Maynard warned.

He noted that this year’s theme for World Water Day, “Accelerating Change,” is indicative of the impact of climate change on the availability of potable water. The Minister pointed to changing rainfall patterns and rising sea levels are rising and cautioned that St. Kitts and Nevis’ response to climate change will directly impact the capacity to produce  an adequate supply of potable water. this threat must begin with the necessary investments to allow us to carefully monitor such climatic and environmental parameters.

The government has pledged investments in excess of $200 million, over the next decade, to build a resilient and sustainable water infrastructure. Mitigating measures include drilling of additional wells, investing in desalination plants, replacing and upgrading of pipelines, construction of new reservoirs, expanding storage capacity of existing reservoirs and the introduction of modern technology to improve efficiency and to optimize the use of our resources.

Minister Maynard also paid homage to the team at the Water Services Department (including past workers) for their ‘herculean effort and sacrifice in going out every day to ensure that when you open your taps, there is water.’

Other activities in support of World Water Day include an Open day at the La Guerite Water Treatment Plant, on March 21; media programs to sensitize the public about water conservation and a customer appreciation exercise on March 22.

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