Bolstering Of Small Business Sector By Government An Area of High Focus

Entrepreneurs at the second workshop

The Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) within the Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship is working to fulfill its mandate to diversify the domestic economy, through the creation of more successful small businesses and the empowering of young entrepreneurs. The Unit facilitated a second training workshop, with the aim of exposing business-men and women to the best techniques and skills, required to be competitive in the international marketplace.

Participants in the March 21 workshop, at the CUNA Caribbean Conference Center, were provided with information specific to grant readiness, as the series of workshops continued.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Delrine Taylor underscored her Ministry’s focus on facilitating sector growth, particularly through the provision of technical support.

“Your development, your Success! We want to be more active in terms of delivering workshops so that you can be more informed about areas where you can develop small businesses. It is our mission to transform the micro, small and medium-sized sector within St. Kitts and Nevis, through entrepreneurship and economic value creation.  We want to be able to help you- entrepreneurs- to be more self-reliant, financially literate and more resilient,” Permanent Secretary Taylor offered.

 The workshops will run throughout the year and will benefit small and medium-sized businesses, especially as the Unit continues its mandate to strengthen small businesses across the Federation.

Seventy-eight persons registered for the second workshop.

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