Mass Resignations Suggest PLP Falling Apart

Several resignations from the PLP

A string of resignations, from the executive of the People’s Labour Party (PLP), with the most recent happening on March 28, suggests chaos within the political party. Andrew ‘Talbo’ Bass, who was the losing candidate for the PLP for Constituency 8 in the 2022 election, resigned on March 25. The next day, March 26, Warren Thompson, the Chairman of the PLP resigned. Both doing so with immediate effect.

Akila Byron Nisbett, the Deputy Leader of the party, was the first to resign on March 24. Within 24 hours, Nubian Greaux, who contested Constituency 2, in a losing effort, resigned as well.

All four resignees indicated that their decision to resign came as a result of the PLP compromising its core values and their inability to continue with Dr. Timothy Harris as leader.

According to the PLP’s constitution, a new executive should have been elected at the party’s national convention, which was scheduled for March 27. A party correspondence has since indicated that a resolution was adopted to have the convention by June 27.

A statement posted on the party’s social media platform alluded to the resignations but also spoke of party renewal.

“The PLP is currently experiencing that detoxification and cleansing in preparation for their own renewal following the 2022 election. As of March 27, all executive positions were relinquished. Thus whether through resignation or otherwise, the cleansing was inevitable,” the statement read.

Party leader Dr. Harris has maintained silence despite the mass resignations.

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