Every Resource To Be Used Against Crime and Violence- PM and Minister of National Security

File photo of Prime Minister Drew meeting with Joint Security Forces

The current administration is committing more resources to the fight against crime and violence, including the solicitation of an expert to address deviance among young people, with the aim of creating long-term sustainable programs to counter criminal trends.

This disclosure was made by the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Terrance Drew, as he spoke in yesterday’s sitting of the National Assembly. While policy makers met in the House, the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force was conducting initial investigations into an apparent drive-by shooting, in the Soho area. One young was murdered in the incident.

The Minister with responsibility for National Security appealed for calm among the public but also gave the assurance that his administration was taking a firm stance on arresting the upsurge of violent crime.

“Our Security Forces are collaborating even closer to make more resources available in terms of manpower and national security.  Our Ministry will not allow any resource to be withheld that is necessary to deal with the situation at hand,” Prime Minister Drew revealed.

“We are bringing on a consultant in our government to look specifically at men and boys—the specific issues to study and understand, more so, as to implement sustainable long-term programs to ensure that we keep our men and boys on the right track. We have also communicated with our regional partners to make sure that we leave no stone unturned in dealing with this,” the Minister of National Security added.

Prime Minister Drew also issued a warning to those engaged in criminal activity, noting that his Government will not shy away from tackling the issue of crime and violence head-on. He admonished persons to focus on opportunities that are available for their personal development.

“I also want to say to those who are involved in criminal activities that crime doesn’t pay!’” Dr. Drew emphasized.

The Commissioner of Police James Sutton had also confirmed that the Force ramped up its patrol efforts, as part of the response to criminal activities, a few days earlier.

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