Water Rationing Schedule In Place; Residents Implored To Conserve Water

The St. Kitts Water Services Department is encouraging residents to practice acts of conservation, in the wake of drought conditions throughout the country. The present drought conditions have led ti water rationing.

The appeal came via a press release from the Department.

“We are currently experiencing reduced rainfall which means that we have less water to distribute. Based on rainfall data received from the Meteorological Services, the accumulated rainfall up to March 31, 2023 was 200 millimeters; less than 50% of what was received for the same period in 2022. All consumers are therefore required to practice conservation measures so as to minimize the duration of water interruptions,” the release stated.

The Water Department also provided several measures to mitigate the situation. These included checking premises for leaks and having them repaired immediately; reporting any suspected leaks; refraining from watering lawns; and using a bucket when washing vehicles and buildings.

For the time being, a water rationing schedule has been put in place whereby water will be closed off between 9 pm and 5 am daily. Residents are therefore encouraged to store water to meet their needs during the interruptions in the public supply.

The Water Services Department ha𝗌 given the assurance that it is taking steps to increase water production capacity to enable a 24-hour supply, even during the annual Dry-Season

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