Cyanna Johnson Is The 2023 Miss Labour Queen

The new Miss Labour and the other contestants, after the crowning activity by Prime Minister Drew

The new Miss Labour Queen is Cyanna Johnson, the Ambassador representing Constituency #8. The new Queen amassed 840.5 points, in a keenly contested competition at Carnival Village, last night (April 29).

En route to capturing the coveted title, Ms. Johnson also copped the Best Creative Wear and Best Evening Wear segments.

The new Queen was crowned by Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Terrance Drew, who is also the Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #8.

The first runner-up spot was secured by Ashley Wilson, the Ambassador for Constituency #5. She gained a total of 805.5 points.

Closely behind, in the second runner-up position was Zarina Roberts, who represented Constituency #1. Her points total was 795.5 points.

Juniecia Williams, the Constituency #3 representative, claimed the third runner-up spot with a total of 781.5 points.

The other contestants included Turquoisa Henry of Constituency #2, who won the Best Motivational Speech and Best Performing Talent segments; Tanejah Flemming of Constituency #4, who was awarded Ms. Photogenic; Juvecia Finch of Constituency #7; and Dominique Maynard of Constituency #6.

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