Government Signs Agreement For Construction Of Thousands Of Affordable Smart Homes

New agreement prioritizes affordable homes

[SKNIS] The Ministry of Housing and Human Settlement and the National Housing Corporation (NHC) have entered into an agreement with East Coast Housing Development Limited (ECHD), a Trinidadian company, for the construction and turn-key delivery of 2,400 Affordable Smart Homes over four years. According to the agreement, ECHD will finance and manage the construction by local contractors of 600 Smart Homes per year on lands allocated by NHC or personally owned lots. The Affordable Smart Homes will be available for purchase by residents of St Kitts.

Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Housing and Human Settlement, expressed his pleasure with the reaching the new agreement.

“We have been in serious negotiations over the past few months with the developer and we are happy to now put pen to paper on the final terms of the agreement which will benefit thousands of our people. Not only will citizens and residents be able to finally purchase and own a home but the construction will involve a majority of local contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other construction workers. This is massive for our economy and integral for the sustainable creation of wealth for many families. We hope to see construction begin on the East Coast model Affordable Smart Homes by the end of June 2023,” Dr. Hanley revealed.

“We are busy behind the scenes crafting our Housing Revolution. This Government promised our people that we would deliver housing solutions. This project is just one phase. We are negotiating other housing solutions. In fact, today, I also signed an MOU with one of the most successful developers in St Kitts, for modern-styled low-income and middle-income homes to be constructed throughout St Kitts. They are also beautiful architectural designs,” the Minister responsible for Housing and Human Settlement added.

The ECHD Affordable Smart Homes will have one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom options and will utilize a modern reinforced concrete system. Each structure will be delivered with a full-size energy-efficient refrigerator, a four-burner gas stove and a solar water heater. Two model Smart Homes are to be constructed in the next few weeks for examination by interested homeowners and for local contractors to learn the modern construction style.

The Chairman of NHC, Mr. Shawn White, affirmed that local tradesmen will also benefit from the construction of the new homes.

“Local contractors and local skilled workers will build these homes using the modern civil engineering technique to be taught by the developer and the base materials issued from East Coast’s plant,” White said.

“NHC has created a website through which anyone who is interested in owning one of the Affordable Smart Homes can apply. We will go live within the next few days and launch a full public information campaign. Whether you have land already, or you have applied, the NHC will guide you in the right direction to find your housing solution. We are also in discussions with the local banks to provide the best mortgage terms for applicants who own land. The Ministry has also promised to deliver townhouses and other forms of housing solutions for income earners throughout the economic spectrum,” Chairman White added.

The ECHD Affordable Smart Homes will be available for purchase through special mortgage loan programmes to be offered by local financial institutions and NHC. Further details can be obtained from NHC’s Headquarters at East Park Range, Basseterre, St Kitts and its website:

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