Cataract Surgeries Completed at JNF; Eye Surgeries Resume At Health Institution

Two successful cataract surgeries were performed at the Joseph N France (JNF) General Hospital, on Tuesday, May 23. The completion of the two procedures signal the resumption of eye surgeries at the medical institution and underscore the local government’s thrust to alleviate the burden on the healthcare system and to address the sizable waiting which currently stands at over 200 individuals.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Alina Crespo led the surgical team during the operations. She was assisted by Nurse Thelesha Gordon.

The JNF General Hospital administration continues to work assiduously to transform various medical programs into the highest quality experiences for citizens. The facility’s leadership team is committed to enhancing the institution, expanding its offerings of specialized services and ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

The ophthalmology wing at JNF was recently upgraded with state-of-the-art machinery to accommodate eye surgery.

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