EMS Personnel Participating In Capacity Building And Training Sessions

Personnel from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department at the Joseph N. France (JNF) General Hospital are participating in a five-day comprehensive training course on Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. The course began on May 30 (yesterday) and the main objective is to enhance the skill sets of the EMS staff and enabling them to provide optimal care for patients under their supervision.

The workshop is facilitated by Matthew Rolph, a former paramedic from the United Kingdom and founder of EMS International. The training course represents the systematic and data-driven approach by the present government administration to improve pre-hospital emergency care.

“I’m here to help out, and to hopefully help develop EMS services so that there is comparability with international emergency health professionals,” expressed Mr. Rolph, emphasizing his dedication to fostering growth within the EMS field.
While the course serves as a foundational program, the Ministry of Health remains dedicated to providing continuous opportunities for staff, to further advance their knowledge and skills. The training course will cover updated techniques and procedures in emergency care. It is hoped that the workshop will empower all participants (twelve) participants to handle various emergency scenarios effectively, while equipping them with the necessary tools to address critical situations with confidence.

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