Lionel Messi Signs For Inter Miami

[CBS] In a groundbreaking move, global soccer icon Lionel Messi has joined Inter Miami. After his contract expired with Paris Saint-Germain at the end of June, Messi is moving to Miami on a free transfer with the acquisition being announced by the MLS club on Saturday. Now officially in Florida, anticipation is building for Messi’s unveiling in Fort Lauderdale today, Sunday. The fan event starts at 6 p.m. ET but the unveiling is supposed to happen close to 8 p.m. ET during halftime of the Gold Cup final between Mexico and Panama.

Miami prepared for Messi’s arrival by appointing Tata Martino as their new manager, working on increasing their stadium capacity, additional security, and also lining up new signings like Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

It remains to be seen if deals for Busquets and Alba will be officially complete to unveil them as well but all of Miami is getting ready with murals of Messi popping up around the city. Tickets for that unveiling will be free to season ticket members with a select few also being sold separately. The unveiling will also be televised at halftime of the Concacaf Gold Cup final.

With Messi’s unveiling set, we take a look at when his debut will likely be for Inter Miami. Everything is moving quickly as excitement will continue to build as Messi’s unveiling gets closer.

With Messi now in Miami, he’s beginning to settle into “normal” life. Already spotted buying groceries at Publix, Messi is settling into the Florida man lifestyle by doing things that weren’t possible when he was in Europe. Surrounded by fans everywhere that he goes, it’s hard for Messi to even breathe without someone noticing. He may have caught everyone off guard by his visit this first time but it it’ll cause people to be more alert looking for Messi in places that they’d least expect it moving forward.

While Messi isn’t officially on the roster for the All-Star game against Arsenal, he could make a brief appearance at Audi Field in Washington D.C. on July 19th. We’ve seen players appear in this game before having not played all that much for their club, and with this being a premier event for Major League Soccer, it makes sense to want Messi in attendance if possible. 

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