Five Seriously Injured As J’ouvert Trailer Loses Control

At least five persons suffered serious injuries when the Nu Vybes Band International trailer lost control and veered off Long Point Road, coming to rest on an embankment parallel to the street.

The incident happened earlier today, August 7, as the band was participating in the J’ouvert morning jam session, for the Nevis Culturama.

Closed circuit cameras captured the incident as it unfolded. A number of persons could be seen jumping from the out of control trailer while others fell off, as it plunged into the ditch, on the video footage.

According to the Police, five persons were treated at the Alexandra Hospital. One person suffered two broken legs; another got a broken arm; and the others suffered bruises and injuries to the mouth and face.

The Police also confirmed that many others sustained minor injuries but opted not to seek medical attention.

The Police log also listed the cause of the accident was as a result of ‘the trailer’s weight exceeding the tractor’s abilities, pushing it down the hill and off the road.’

The incident did not stop the rest of the of the J’ouvert proceedings. However, it did underscore the need for greater safety measures.

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