Armed Assailants Rob Two Ram’s Supermarkets

The Police have confirmed their investigations into the armed robberies of two Ram’s Supermarkets, within a 90 minute period last night, August 12, are ongoing. The Ram’s Supermarket in Camps was robbed and then armed perpetrator robbed the Ram’s Supermarket in Bird Rock, minutes after.

There were no reports of injuries to employees or shoppers during both robberies.

According to the official Police report, at approximately 6:30PM on the aforementioned date, four (4) armed and masked assailants wearing ‘hoodies’ rushed into the Ram’s Supermarket at Camps. The assailants robbed four (4) of the cashiers’ stations and the vault of a large sum of money before fleeing the scene in a waiting car.

Minutes later, at approximately 7:55 p.m., four (4) armed assailants, dressed in all black, entered the Ram’s Supermarket, at Bird Rock. The assailants also stole a large sum of cash from the cashiers and the vault before making their getaway in a waiting car.

The Police have guaranteed anonymity to anyone who comes forward information or knowledge of the two supermarket robberies. No arrests have been made for any of the two robberies as yet.

It is not yet known if both robberies were part of a coordinated attack on the supermarket chain.

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