Police Bolster Investigative Capacity; Implore Residents To Be Vigilant

The Police are assuring the general public of the deployment of additional manpower and are also asking business owners to bolster their security mechanism in the wake of the several high profile robberies, over the past weekend.

During this spate, at least three supermarkets were robbed.

“In alignment with our “zero tolerance” approach to crime and violence, the Force has increased its investigative capacity through the deployment of additional manpower and resources to address the spate of robberies,” a statement from the Police High Commands reads.

The Police are also underscoring the need for citizens to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their well-being and assets.

“Specifically, we direct our advice towards business proprietors, encouraging them to assess and bolster their existing security protocols, and where applicable, to implement cash-handling procedures that prioritize employee safety. For those lacking reliable security measures, we strongly recommend reconsideration as the protection of employees and assets is of paramount importance,” the release added.

Law enforcement officials are highly recommending the implementation of burglar alarm systems, closed circuit television set-ups and the establishing of adequate lighting around business and housing perimeters.

The Police also echoing their call for the support of the public to assist with the arresting of criminal activity, through cooperation.

“The RSCNPF will continue to assist and collaborate with stakeholders to address security concerns where applicable. We are committed not only to providing support in matters of security, but also to offering informed guidance to business owners, proprietors, and home-owners alike. We understand the impact these criminal acts can have on the victims, employees, and residents, and we are committed to taking swift and decisive action to bring those responsible to justice,” the press statement concluded.

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