One-To-One Laptop Program For Students Set For September 4 Re-Launch

[SKNIS] The re-implementation of the One-to-One Laptop Initiative in all primary and secondary learning institutions in St. Kitts and Nevis rolls out at the start of this upcoming school year, September 4. The disclosure was made by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, earlier this week.

He outlined that over 8000 laptop devices have been procured to ensure that students have the fundamental piece of electronic equipment to aid in their learning.

“The One-to-One Laptop Program will be rolled out in September as promised. All 8000 devices are here, and we are putting in the necessary network. Most, if not all are in place and why I said not all is because one aspect of it is to make sure that we have the proper connectivity. That is a project that is ongoing in terms of the fiber optic cables that are being laid and we are going to have them all laid at our high schools. So, we are getting ready to start with that distribution,” Dr. Hanley stated.

The devices will be accessorized with various applications to ensure students maximize use of the devices, according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Lisa Romaine Pistana.

“A device without something on it is just like a book without pages. We are going to be placing on a learning management system on each device and parents, teachers and students will be able to track progress. The books that are on the laptop will be interactive and students can take their assignments so there will be no need for pen and paper,” the PS outlined.

Students, teachers and parents will undergo adequate training to educate them on management of the devices, a critical support aspect.

The laptops will be distributed in phases, starting with the third and fifth-form students. Equally important, she noted that teachers, students and parents will undergo adequate training to equip them with the proper use and management of the devices.

“Parents, you have a responsibility, you must take care of the device. Rules are set for a reason, and we expect the parents to model and to guide their children accordingly,” PS Pistana emphasized, as she implored students and parents to be good stewards.

The One-to-One Laptop Program was discontinued by the previous Government but the present administration sees Computer Literacy as critical component in the modern education system.

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