RAMS Village Football Team Secures Victory in Supersix Finals, Forcing Decisive Game 3

RAMS Village Football Team put on an impressive performance as they emerged victorious in the second encounter of the Supersix Finals, defeating SL Horsfords St. Paul’s with a score of 3-1. 

This win evens the playing field with both teams having won one game each, setting the stage for an exciting and decisive final game on Friday (September 29th) at Warner Park. 

The winner of this match will be crowned the Supersix champions.

RAMS Village Football Team showcased their skill and determination on the field, proving to be a formidable opponent for SL Horsfords St. Paul’s. The match ended 3-1 in favor of Village Football Team.

In the first game of the Supersix Finals, SL Horsfords St. Paul’s emerged victorious, gaining the upper hand early on in the tournament. However, the victory of RAMS Village Football Team in the second game has levelled the playing field, creating anticipation and excitement for the final match.

With both teams now tied at one victory each, the final game on Friday at Warner Park promises to be an intense and hard-fought battle. The stakes are high, as the winning team will secure the title of Supersix champions.

The players from both teams will enter the final match with determination, knowing that only one team will emerge triumphant. The RAMS Village Football Team will seek to build on their recent success and maintain their winning momentum, while SL Horsfords St. Paul’s will be motivatetd to reclaim their earlier dominance in the tournament.

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