RAMS Village Superstars Clinch SuperSix Finals in Dramatic Penalty Shootout

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNSOURCE) In a thrilling display of football prowess,
RAMS Village Superstars Football Club emerged victorious in the SuperSix
Finals, defeating SL Horsford’s St. Paul’s United Football club in a nail-biting
penalty shootout. Both teams fought hard for 90 minutes, resulting in a
scoreless draw that forced the game into extra time and eventually led to a
penalty shootout.
With neither team managing to break the deadlock during regular playing
time, the match intensified as both sides sought to secure the title. The
players exhibited exceptional skill and determination on the field, creating a
riveting spectacle for the fans.
Ultimately, the game was decided by penalty kicks.
After a thrilling series of penalty kicks, RAMS Village Superstars emerged as
the victors, securing an 8-7 win.

As RAMS Village Superstars celebrated their momentous victory and players
from both teams received accolades for their exceptional performances.
Following the conclusion of the match, a ceremony was held to recognize the
exceptional contributions of the teams and individual players throughout the
tournament. Several awards were presented to acknowledge their
remarkable performances.
Among the recipients was Iroy Jeffers, the coach of SL Horsford’s St. Paul’s,
who was named Coach of the Year. Jeffers was rewarded with a cash prize of

Additionally, the Golden Glove award went to Clifford Samuel of SOL Island
Auto Conaree. Samuel’s exceptional skills between the goalposts earned him
this recognition, along with a cash prize of $1,000.00.
The Best Defender award went to Denis Fleming (Rams Village Superstars
FC) who also received $1000.00.

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