PM Drew: ‘We are Fogging’ in Fight Against Dengue Fever

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNSOURCE) — The government has demonstrated its passion and commitment to defending its citizens’ safety in the ongoing fight against dengue fever. 

According to the Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew, in a recent news conference, there have been twenty-two (22) laboratory confirmed cases recorded as of Friday of last week, with the bulk emerging from the island of Nevis.

He also informed that there have been no hospital admissions to date. 

To successfully address this troubling issue, the government has developed a variety of preventive measures, with a particular emphasis on mosquito population reduction. As part of these efforts, villages have been aggressively fogged in order to target and eliminate mosquito breeding areas. This preventive approach has been shown to be beneficial in reducing dengue transmission.

“We are fogging… the schedule comes out for you to see”, PM Drew said.

On behalf of the government, Prime Minister Drew, who has ministerial responsibility for health, thanked the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the Ministry of Health for their persistent efforts in tackling this public health concern.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of individual responsibility in keeping a mosquito-free environment.

“We can eliminate breeding grounds so that mosquitoes don’t breed… We are managing but all of us must be involved,” Dr. Drew said.

The government continues to work in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, local authorities, and various stakeholders to further enhance the response and control measures against dengue. 

In these critical times, it is crucial for all citizens to actively participate in the collective fight against dengue. By adhering to preventive measures, such as ensuring the use of mosquito repellents (OFF), using mosquito nets, and eliminating stagnant water sources we can significantly reduce the risk of dengue transmission.

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