Two dead in weekend shootings

The country’s homicide rate climbed to eight after two men were shot dead over the weekend.

The first incident occurred at the Basseterre Bus and Ferry Terminal on 6th April, 2024.

In what appeared to be an unprovoked attack, Alex Harris, 33, was gunned down just before midnight by an unidentified assailant.

Harris was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hours later in a separate incident another man was shot dead.

At approximately 2am on 7th April, 2024 a masked, gun toting attacker entered a bar on Main Street in Parson’s Village and opened fire.

Rashiel James, 37, lost his life in this incident. He too was pronounced dead at the scene.

Leshawn Hazel, 30, was shot in the leg in this incident but survived.

Police are investigating both shootings.

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