Court to decide fate of man who threatened to kill Bahamas PM

CMC – A magistrate’s court will on May 8 decide the fate of a man who allegedly threatened to kill Prime Minister Phillip Davis last year. 

The prosecution said that Isaac Roberts called the Central Police Station on February 8, 2023, warning that the prime minister would be killed if the leader of the Coalition of Independents, Lincoln Bain, wasn’t released from police custody 

The court heard that Constable Drexel Maycock had received a telephone call from an unidentified man seeking the whereabouts of Bain, but hung up when asked to identify himself. 

But three to five minutes later, the same person called the police station saying “if you don’t release Lincoln Bain, Brave will be dead.” 

The police said that the call was traced to Roberts, who was arrested later that day and admitted calling the Central Police Station twice. 

The court heard that when the police asked Roberts whether he had intended to carry out the threat, he said that he wouldn’t but someone else might, based on the protests going on at the time. 

Roberts did not testify during his trial nor did he call any witnesses.

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