Tourism ministry clamping down on sale of counterfeit goods

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that it will be taking firm action to end the sale of counterfeit products, particularly at the country’s ports of entry. 

This news came from Minister of Tourism, Marsha Henderson during a press conference on 30th April, 2024 at the Marriott Resort. 

The items that will be targeted include bags, jewellery, clothing and alcohol.

“It is imperative to uphold the standards of our local products and protect the integrity of the tourism industry,” Minister Henderson said. “ The Ministry of Tourism is taking decisive action to address this issue head-on and raise the standards at our ports.”

Henderson noted that the sale of counterfeit goods to unsuspecting consumers could have far reaching reputational damage on the federation.

She added that legislation already exists to address the issue and said that measures will be implemented to ensure that they are enforced. 

“The support of the Attorney General’s office is crucial in ensuring that these measures are effectively enforced and violators are held accountable,” she said.  

Discussions have already begun with merchants who operate at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport and Port Zante.

“I am confident that with the implementation of this new policy and the support of all of the stakeholders involved, we can significantly reduce the prevalence of counterfeit goods at our ports,” the tourism minister said.

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