MP Douglas makes generous donation to Newton Ground Primary

Basseterre, St. Kitts – In an effort to revolutionise the learning environment for children in his community, Dr. Denzil Douglas, the parliamentary representative for Constituency 6, embarked on a mission to make classrooms more conducive to learning. 

To this end, Dr. Douglas, who was accompanied by Crios Freeman, Chairman of the St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party Number 6 Constituency Branch, and Strato Brudy, presented the Newton Ground Primary School with a generous donation of three white boards. It is hoped that these will go a long way to enhance the students’ learning experience.

The donation came as part of the celebration of Dr. Douglas’ 35th year of serving the people of Constituency 6.

“Firstly, it is part of my 35th year of representing the people of Newton Ground, part of Constituency Number 6 in the Parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis”, Dr. Douglas said.

He expressed his commitment to improving educational facilities in the constituency and cited the importance of providing students and teachers with the best resources available. 

“We want to improve the environment in which you are learning, and by bringing to you the whiteboards with special markers to write on them, that you can easily erase, we believe we would be able to enhance your learning”, Dr. Douglas said. 

MP Douglas said the whiteboards were chosen specifically for their effectiveness in the classroom as they offer a cleaner and more allergy-friendly alternative to traditional blackboards.

“The reason why we are presenting these boards is because it has been proven that they are the best type of boards for teachers and students in the classroom. The usual board…the black-board, you tend to use chalk, white chalk on the blackboard. With the whiteboard, a lot of children who are allergic to chalk, chalk dust, and teachers who are allergic to chalk dust, would no longer be affected by the chalk that we use on the blackboard traditionally”, he explained.

Virgil Jeffers, the Education Office attached to Newton Ground Primary School, extended gratitude to Dr. Douglas and his associates on behalf of the Ministry of Education. 

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education I would like to say a hearty thank you for your timely donation of the whiteboards,” remarked Mr. Jeffers. “

The principal of the school, Michelle Rochester, who echoed similar sentiments emphasised the significance of the donation in mitigating health incidents associated with chalk dust. 

“Also this whiteboard, we can use to project, so we are now incorporating technology, digital technology, right here on this board. So it is very, very timely,” said Principal Rochester. 

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