Boundaries Commission members receive their instruments

The five people who constitute the new Boundaries Commission received their instruments of appointment on Thursday from Governor General, H. E. Dame Marcella Liburd. 

Wycliffe Morton, who will serve as the commission’s chairman, is joined by MPs Konris Maynard, Marsh Henderson, Alexis Jeffers and Shawn Richards.

The constitution stipulates that the chairman is selected by the prime minister, Dr. Terrance Drew, who also appoints two other members. The remaining members are selected by the leader of the opposition, who is presently Nevis’ premier, Mark Brantley.

The Boundaries Commission is now obligated to review the country’s eleven existing boundaries and compile a report which will be submitted to the governor general upon its completion. 

The report will contain, among other things, recommendations on whether the current boundaries should remain the same or change and whether these changes should also affect the number of constituencies that exist. 

Presently, there are eight constituencies in St. Kitts and three in Nevis.

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