Bomb threats temporarily disrupted some Caribbean airports

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Loop – The tranquility of several airports in the Caribbean was temporarily disrupted following bomb scares that were made between last week and today. The airports which received potential bomb threats but have since given the ‘all clear’ are located in Bermuda, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands.  

In the latest incident, the Government of Anguilla said a bomb threat was received via the Royal Anguilla Police Force this morning, which led to the temporary suspension of operations at the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.  

Following a thorough search of the Terminal Building and an extensive sweep of the Security Restricted Area, police gave the ‘all-clear’ around 1:20 pm.

Meanwhile, on Sunday in Bermuda, police were notified around 9:30 pm by staff at the LF Wade International Airport of a bomb threat that was received via e-mail threatening the terminal and British Airways flight 158, which was due to depart for London Heathrow.   

The airport building and its environs were searched by airport security with the all clear later being given.  

Then in the British Virgin Islands, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said on Sunday, May 5 it was alerted to a potential bomb threat after 4 pm, which was communicated via email to Advance Marketing & Professional Services, claiming the presence of a bomb on an aircraft and at the Terminal Building at the Terrence B. International Airport.  

In response, RVIPF and Airport Security promptly evacuated the premises and conducted a thorough search of all areas. Despite an extensive search, no devices were discovered, indicating the messages were likely intended to create chaos and disrupt airport operations, inconveniencing passengers and staff. 

After two and a half hours, the all-clear was issued, and normal operations resumed. 

The Police Force notes similar threats targeting the International Airports of Turks and Caicos and Bermuda have also been reported. The RVIPF says it is collaborating with these jurisdictions to identify the offenders behind these threats.  

And in the Turks and Caicos, between April 26 and April 29, a combined four bomb threats were issued to the JAGS McCartney International Airport and Howard Hamilton International Airport. 

Operations at the facilities were suspended as police searched for explosives after the Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority received emails about a bomb on the compound. 

After hours of searching, no explosives were found leading police to label the incident as a hoax.

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