Donation of 20 traps to help control rapidly growing monkey population in Antigua

St. John’s, ANTIGUA (Antigua Newsroom) – Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed that A&B Farms, previously known as Farmer Browne’s Farms, has donated 20 monkey traps to the local forestry department.

This initiative aims to address the burgeoning population of green monkeys in Antigua, which has become a significant concern for local agriculture.

The growing number of green monkeys in the region was highlighted by environmental consultant Kevin Lindsay, who encountered over twenty monkeys while working on an iguana conservation project.

These monkeys, known for their potential to wreak havoc on crops, have prompted calls from local farmers for government intervention.

Prime Minister Browne emphasised the necessity of this intervention.

The traps donated by A&B Farms will be strategically placed to capture the monkeys humanely, preventing further damage to local farms and supporting ongoing environmental management efforts in the area.

This proactive approach by the government and A&B Farms highlights a collaborative effort to address the challenges posed by the invasive species while considering environmental sustainability.

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