Dr. Dayton Campbell charges SKNLP to continuing doing the “good we can do”

Dr. Dayton Campbell, General Secretary of Jamaica’s People’s National Party, was the featured speaker at Sunday’s 92nd St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party National Conference. 

In a rousing and well received speech before a packed audience, Dr. Campbell set the tone by reminding the gathering that through cooperation and involvement in the political process, the best interest of all citizens and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis can be served under the leadership of a Labour government. This, he said, was most evident in the Labour Movement’s longstanding mission to “break the chains of intergenerational poverty”.

“It is politics that determines the type of society we live in and what we will leave to our children. It behoves us, therefore, to not only get involved, but to ensure that we remain true to our mission ‘For the good we can do’ to live, work, prosper together,” said Campbell. 

“When we get that chance to govern,” he continued, “we must never use it to play politics. We must use it to transform the lives of our people regardless of who they support, who they know, the circumstances of their birth or any other myopic view that seeks to divide us as a people. 

“We are happy that the St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party is in government and has taken a direct approach to tackle these issues.”

Noting that most of the English-speaking Caribbean nations suffer the consequences of their shared history of slavery, Dr. Campbell said it is critical that governments in the region end the cycle of intergenerational poverty which has created two realities: one in which the fortunate few prosper and another in which others become trapped in inescapable poverty.

“To break the cycle of poverty, we must look at land ownership, we must be able to have security of tenure, be able to unlock wealth. We must be able to pass on benefits in a will and not a bill to our children when we transition,” he said. 

He also pointed out the importance of homeownership in breaking the cycle of poverty and highlighted the dignity it brings when a person can adequately shelter their family.

The PNP General Secretary also noted the critical importance of education in ending the scourge of poverty. 

“Education is a vaccine against poverty. We must empower our people. Education can cause this generation to live a better life than their parents did, and education must not exclude training and life skills,” he said. “Be drivers of egalitarianism: equality in access to opportunity.”


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