PM Drew: St. Peter’s, F. T. Williams Highway projects on track

Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew has confirmed that the infrastructural rehabilitation and development of the St. Peter’s Main Road and F. T. Williams Highway East are progressing on schedule.

Dr. Drew offered the progress report during Friday’s edition of the Roundtable.

There has been criticism in some quarters about the perceived slow progress of the work, but Drew, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 8, explained that the project involves far more than just road repair. 

“It is not just throwing down asphalt; this is a comprehensive plan to transform that road network so that St. Peter’s can be able to grow. The project is on time. It is not going slow, but if people were to take a look at it, we are creating a whole infrastructure that can support not just the present but the future as well,” Dr. Drew said. 

In 2022 during the presentation of the budget, the National Assembly gave clearance for $7 million to be allocated to the road project in St. Peter’s.

The prime minister explained that the comprehensive plan for the project involves the development of new roads, opening existing roads into nearby communities to expand the road network, constructing adequate drainage systems and installing sidewalks.

According to Dr. Drew, if development in the area stays on its current course, it is projected that as many as 10,000 people will move into the St. Peter’s area in the next decade. During the planning phase, the infrastructural needs of residents in these new communities were taken into consideration. It was therefore necessary to ensure that the road project was developed and executed with the future needs of the community in mind.


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