DMP Hanley opens Child Month under the theme “Embrace Inclusion; Every Child Counts”

Minister of Education, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Geoffrey Hanley opened Child Month 2024 on 1st June under the theme Embrace Inclusion; Every Child Counts.

Delivering remarks on Saturday morning, Dr. Hanley said the theme resonated with him as both a parent and longstanding educator.

“Embracing inclusivity is a fundamental building block in any harmonious society because its citizens respect and value each other despite their differences. 

“Embrace Inclusion; Every Child Counts is a clarion call for us to appreciate the diversity among children, thereby making each child feel loved and valued. Embracing inclusion transcends mere words. It is a commitment to guarantee that every child feels valued, respected and empowered to thrive regardless of their socioeconomic background or abilities. It is a passionate plea to all of us to recognise the potential within each child and nurture it until it blooms into something beautiful,” he said.

Dr. Hanley then outlined the activities that will be held over the course of the month of June. 

“Across St. Kitts, our 2024 Child Month celebrations begin with zonal family church services. During these church services, our children will take the lead as we give God thanks for creating such precious gems. All services will start at 10 a.m. on the following dates and at the specified churches.

“The Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sandy Point on Tuesday, June 04. The People Evangelistical Center Needmuss Bastia on Wednesday, June 05. The Pentecostal Church of God on Thursday, June 06, Boone Street Bastia.

“Every Saturday morning during the month of June, children from both public and private preschools will host Totally for Kids on ZIZ, which will be broadcast live at 9am. There are prizes to be won, so tune in and listen to our little stars. Monday, June 3, is Promotional Day. Children from various early childhood centres, along with their teachers, will be in your neighbourhood distributing flyers.

“That evening at 6pm., a parent awareness session in the form of a panel discussion will be streamed live. Mark your calendars and tune in as experts weigh in on the topic [of] inclusive education. You’ll receive useful insights, [and] coping strategies, and our experts will answer any questions you may have.”

He continued, “On Monday, June 17, public and private early childhood employees will engage in professional development. Parents, you will receive more information from your child’s centre. Thursday, June 20, is our Early Childhood Development SKCA Cricket Festival at the Connery Cricket Stadium starting at 9.30 a.m. This new event is generating lots of excitement among the children.

“Our children will be provided with the opportunity to develop an awareness and appreciation for cricket. Friday, June 21, is our annual Super Fair at Independence Square. It will be a culinary explosion, so come on out and support our early childhood centres.

“Monday, June 24, is Staff Appreciation Day and parents, you are encouraged to show appreciation to our dedicated and hard-working early childhood employees. Finally, we will wrap up our month-long activities with the much-anticipated Grand Parade on Friday, June 28, starting at Greenlands Pasture and culminating at Independence Square. Come on out and support our parents and children as they advocate for inclusive education.”


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