Police station comes under gunfire in Belize

Police say they are seeking several suspects and are investigating a possible motive after gun shots were fired at the Roaring Creek police station, a small village in the Cayo District of Belize, just north-west of the capital, last Sunday. 

“It is extremely disturbing.  How could it not. Police officers are out there working their butts off and here comes what you may want to call the person and shoot up at the police station. We must condemn it, as a society, in the strongest terms. And as a police department we will do what we can to find out who is the person responsible and he must be brought to justice,” Police Commissioner Chester Williams said. 

He said that a police officer, who was sitting outside the station ran into the building station to seek shelter. 

“Police recovered a number of expended shells from the scene and three persons have been detained, but we don’t have anything concrete on those three persons who are detained.  We are still doing some interviews with the police officer in question because we want to make sure that it’s not something that is personal to him because that is another possibility we are looking at,” Williams said. 

He said that the police are reviewing surveillance footage in the area to “see if anything would have been picked up by those cameras in the area. 

“So, there is a lot that we are doing in terms of investigation to try and get to the bottom of that because we have to find that person who did that.,” he added. 

Earlier,  ACP Hilberto Romero, the Regional Commander in the Eastern Division, said there are several holes in the building as well as the damaged glass window. 

“Investigation revealed three officers were at the station at the time. They heard the loud bangs and they took cover. Thereafter, when they came out, the suspect had already fled from the area. The scene was processed where several expended shells were from. 

“We are seeking several suspects in regard to this shooting. We have not established a clear motive. The matter is on investigation. There were three officers there, so I cannot say if any specific officer was targeted. The person came from the street and fire the shots towards the station,” he added. 

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