Independence 2024 theme unveiled: Together, a People, Proud and Strong: Independence 41

In an inspiring celebration of solidarity and resilience, the theme for the 41st Anniversary of Independence for St. Kitts and Nevis has been revealed: “Together, a People, Proud and Strong: Independence 41.” 

This dynamic and unifying theme, crafted by Vincia Alexander of Lime Kiln Project Extension, St. Kitts, was selected from over 200 outstanding entries in this year’s Independence Theme Competition.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, The Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew, during the July 5th 2024 Sitting of the National Assembly. 

Expressing his enthusiasm, Prime Minister Drew stated, “This year’s theme, Together, a People, Proud and Strong: Independence 41, reflects the essence of our national identity. It is a call to celebrate our collective achievements and to continue building a future filled with hope and togetherness.”

As we approach September 2024, the nation gears up for a month filled with enthusiasm, pride, and a renewed commitment to building a stronger, more united future. The chosen theme resonates deeply with the spirit of our twin-island federation, highlighting the strength found in our togetherness and the pride that comes from our shared achievements.

The Independence 41 Organising Committee, chaired by Dr. Marcus Natta, Cabinet Secretary, and Viera Galloway, Director in the Prime Minister’s Office, is dedicated to orchestrating an unforgettable series of events.

Dr. Natta shared his excitement noting that, “This year’s theme… perfectly encapsulates our journey as a nation. It is a powerful reminder of the resilience and harmony that define us. We look forward to celebrating our achievements and setting the stage for a prosperous future.”

Galloway echoed these sentiments.

“The response to the theme competition was overwhelming, with so many creative and passionate submissions. Vincia Alexander’s entry stood out for its simplicity yet profound message. We are excited to see how this theme will inspire our celebrations and bring our people even closer together,” she said.

The nation is invited to join in the celebrations and activities that will mark this significant milestone. From cultural showcases and community events to educational programmes and national ceremonies, Independence 41 promises to be a period of reflection, pride, and joyous festivity.

As we look forward to September 2024, let us embrace the theme “Together, a People, Proud and Strong: Independence 41,” and celebrate the enduring spirit of St. Kitts and Nevis. Stay tuned for more announcements and get ready to be part of a historic and jubilant Independence Month!

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