Social Security Board continues SSF reform consultations with town hall meeting

With the goal of ensuring the long-term viability of the country’s social security programme, the St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board is moving ahead with plans to reform its operations. 

Public consultation forms a key part of this process of reform. To this end, the latest in a series of consultations will take place on 11th July, 2024 in the form of a town hall meeting at the Solid Waste Management Corporation. 

Among the issues to be raised are the sustainability of the Social Security Fund (SSF), increasing the benefits available to contributors, improving the transparency of the operations of the SSF and strengthening its financial standing.

According to the Social Security Board, these consultations will be critical in structuring the coming reforms in a way that is sensitive to the input of key stakeholders in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The first consultative session was held in June when the SSF’s actuary, Derek Osbourne travelled to the Federation to meet with the senior management of the Social Security Board led by its director, Christopher Louard. The session also involved input from unions, the business community and other stakeholders.

The Social Security Board has expressed its intention to continue community consultations with a series of nationwide Reform Town Hall Meetings this month on dates and at venues to be announced.

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