Second PLP Candidate Resigns, One Day After Deputy Leader Quits

Nubian Greaux

Another high profile member of the People’s Labour Party (PLP), Nubian Greaux, has resigned, one day after the Deputy Leader of the Party quit. Greaux, the  PLP’ s candidate for Constituency 2, in the 2022 general election, resigned yesterday, March 25, with immediate effect.

Greaux publicized his decision to resign through the posting of a letter, addressed to the PLP Chairman, on his social media page, last night (March 25).

“In consultation with my family and members of my community, I wish to therefore inform you that as of today, March 25, 2023, I am resigning from the People’s Labour Party, and from all associated interests within the Party,” Greaux revealed.

Greaux, who stated that he was a member of the Party since its inception in 2013, suggested an implosion within the Party.

“Over the past few months, I have seen a general deterioration of the values of the Party and the eradication of democracy, a principle that is of great importance to me. It is clear that the current leadership of the People’s Labour Party does not respect the core values of the Party. Unfortunately, as a Party, we continue to engage in a level of disrespect and disregard, of which I want no part of,” Greaux penned.

He called for a reevaluation of the structure of the Party, with accountable representation of the people being at the forefront.

Both Greaux and the Deputy PLP Leader, Akilah Byron Nisbett, implied that party leader Dr. Timothy Harris is stifling the party, in their notifications of resignation.

The PLP fielded eight candidates in the 2022 general election. All, but one, were unsuccessful.

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