Police Continue Investigations Into Shooting Death; Unveil Operation Re-Assurance

Homicide investigations continue

The Police have confirmed that they are looking for a number of suspects in relation to a recent homicide in Soho Village, Basseterre. The deceased has been identified as 18 year old Zion Huggins.

According to the Police, Huggins was approached by a group of men, while in his yard at around minutes to 10, on April 4. While attempting to escape from the group, he was shot. The exact number of times he was hit remains unknown.

Police responded to a report on the incident about 9:55 a.m. Upon their arrival, they discovered the lifeless body of Huggins.

Up to Press time, no one suspects have been identified.

Investigations into this recent murder, as well as another four other recent homicides, continue.

Meanwhile, the Police have officially launched an a joint operation, with other national security agencies, called ‘Operation Re-assurance.’

According to the law enforcement body, the operation ‘is designed to target persons who are perpetrating these heinous acts and to bring them to justice.’

The Operation is also an avenue to assure the public that a secure and safe environment is a matter of priority.

The Police have also appealed to anyone with information to help in the suppressing of this most recent wave of crime and violence to relay to the Force. This can be done in the strictest confidence.

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