Victims Of Shooting Identified; Police Search For Suspects

Police have identified the two victims of yesterday’s (June 5) double murder, at Rectory Road, Basseterre.

43-year old Kay Johnson-Bellile, of Wades’ Garden, and 20-year old Vishawn Matthew, of Taylor’s Village, were killed sometime between 11 and 11:30 a.m., in an apparent drive-by shooting.

According to the Police report, both victims were seated on the side of the road when an unknown assailant(s) fired upon them, from a vehicle. The attacker(s) then fled.

Johnson-Bellile and Matthew were pronounced dead at the scene.

The lawmen are continuing their investigations to identify suspects in this latest broad-daylight shooting incident.

Police are also trying to implement several initiatives to address an upsurge in violent crimes, over the past months.

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