Joint U.S.-BVI Operation Seizes Suspected Drug Plane On Anegada

[The Virgin Islands Consortium] A terse announcement on Saturday by the Royal Virgin Islands Police said only that “an airplane and a significant amount of what is believed to be cocaine” were seized on the island of Anegada, as part of a joint operation between BVI and U.S. law enforcement authorities.

Although local BVI news outlets have reported that an active manhunt on Saturday forced the closure of the Auguste George Airport for several hours, there has been no announcement of an arrest in the matter. 

“The investigation remains active therefore no further information will be made available at this time,” BVI police said.

The aircraft number printed on the suspected narco plane provided no information about a possible registered owner. Despite conforming to US-registered “N-Numbers” assigned to aircraft, a search of the Federal Aviation Administration database resulted in the message that “N784PG is Not Assigned/Reserved”.

Recent busts in the BVI have come from the capture of boats allegedly used to smuggle narcotics to and from British the territory, with one such vessel being burned in a police impound lot days after it was seized, in a case of suspected arson.

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