A Government That Delivers on Promises: Renal Transplant Program Set To Commence before the End of 2023, Tackling Urgent Healthcare Needs

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNSOURCE) — The St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party Government continues
to display its commitment to improving the delivery of healthcare. The administration is
preparing to launch a much-needed Renal Transplant Program before the end of 2023.
Recognizing the increasing necessity for critical medical interventions, the government came up
with this initiative, determined to address the growing demand and improve lives by those
“Renal transplant is becoming routine and when I see all the patients who go to JNF for dialysis,
these young people, why can’t they have a renal transplant? Their brother might be able to
donate, their sister, their cousin, a friend or a good Samaritan that would give them a new lease
on life that of course they cannot totally and fully enjoy just on dialysis,” Prime Minister Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, an advocate for healthcare advancement, firmly believes that offering these life-
saving services is no longer a luxury but a vital requirement in the modern medical landscape.
Director of Health Institutions, Dr. Jenson Morton has lauded this initiative stating that it is a
much welcomed and needed program.
He stated that the Ministry of Health has begun forging partnerships with esteemed and
specialized surgeons to ensure the success of the program. Dr. Morton added that such
collaborations seek to harness collective knowledge and resources to deliver outstanding
clinical outcomes.
“A specialized surgeon from the UK has already expressed interest in working with us to
perform transplants, ” Dr. Morton told SKNSOURCE.
Beyond the immediate focus of setting up the necessary infrastructure and getting the
necessary tools, equipment and medicine on the island, the Director aims to prioritize public
awareness campaigns relating to organ donation and kidney health.
“We are planning on hosting public awareness programs that would aim to dispel common
misconceptions about kidney disease and kidney transplant as we hope to foster a broader
understanding of organ donation,” he said.
As the end of 2023 approaches, expectations and anticipation for launch of the renal program
continue to rise. The Labour Administration is demonstrating unwavering dedication to meeting
growing demands for advanced medical services.

By prioritizing the establishment of the program, they are steadfastly laying groundwork for a
healthier future.
With the occurrence of chronic kidney disease on the rise, renal transplant programs have
gained recognition as an effective treatment option for patients suffering from end-stage kidney

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