Ministry Makes Strides in Rectifying 2022 Land Irregularities

Basseterre, St, Kitts (SKNSOURCE)  The Ministry of Sustainable Development has begun to rectify numerous irregularities that plagued the 2022 land applicants with a series of consultations. These irregularities, which included double allocations, revocations without confirmation, and ghost lots, had caused a freeze in payments on affected lots. 

During these consultations, the applicants are provided with an opportunity to engage in discussions regarding the current status of their land application and explore options for making new payment arrangements.

Present at these consultations are members of the Land Allocation, Normalization and Distribution (L.A.N.D Team), which comprises of the Minister of Sustainable Development, the Hon. Dr. Joyelle Clarke, the Permanent Secretary in the same Ministry, Sherilita “Shez” Dore-Tyson, the Director of Lands & Survey, Dwight Francis, Director of Land Sales Agency, Kevin Jeffers and other members from the Ministry’s administrative staff.

The 2022 land allocation process had initially been marred by several anomalies, leading to rightful concerns raised by affected applicants. Many individuals found themselves facing the frustrating situation of having their allocated land revoked without proper verification or having multiple allocations on the same plot. 

Such discrepancies not only created confusion but also undermined the integrity of the land allocation system. In response, the government took immediate action, temporarily halting all payments on the affected lots. 

Furthermore, the ministry identified several ghost lots that were allocated. These ghost lots, which did not exist physically, were creating additional complications in the land allocation process. 

As the rectification process continues, the Ministry of Sustainable Development will continue its consultations with the 2022 land applicants every Thursday from 1:30 p.m. at  its Bladen’s Commercial Development office.

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