MP Henderson champions Labour’s commitment to Central Basseterre

Basseterre, St. Kitts – In a show of progress and prosperity, Marsha Henderson, parliamentary representative for Constituency 2, reaffirmed the Labour government’s steadfast dedication to the advancement of Central Basseterre. 

Addressing a recent Labour Party public meeting, Henderson emphasised the tangible strides made in infrastructural development and housing initiatives which herald a new era of growth for the community.

Highlighting the government’s proactive approach to the improvement of infrastructure, Henderson lauded the recent completion of several key road projects in Central Basseterre. 

“The Labour government is delivering for the people of Central Basseterre,” she declared, noting that the first road project completed after the government took office was located in Central Basseterre. 

Henderson added that the priority given to the project by the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is led by MP Konris Maynard, as a testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and connectivity within the constituency.

Building on this momentum, Hon. Henderson announced forthcoming road paving initiatives which underscore the government’s pledge to address the infrastructure needs of every community within her constituency. 

Assuring residents of Shadwell of imminent progress, she revealed plans to pave dirt roads which signals a comprehensive approach to infrastructure development across Central Basseterre.

In addition to infrastructure enhancements, Henderson unveiled plans for housing initiatives aimed at providing affordable homeownership opportunities to residents of Central Basseterre. Noting the economic benefits of these projects, the parliamentarian underscored the potential for job creation within the construction sector. These jobs, she said, will provide a lifeline to contractors and skilled workers.

Addressing detractors and critics, Hon. Henderson urged her constituents to remain focused on the government’s proactive agenda and to dismiss negative banter as a distraction from the government’s pursuit of progress. 

“The Labour Government is not only delivering in Central Basseterre, but in all other constituencies,” said Hon. Henderson, reaffirming the government’s unwavering commitment to inclusive development.

Reflecting on the Labour Party’s legacy of empowerment and social progress, she celebrated some of the administration’s landmark achievements such as the increase in the national minimum wage.

“The Labour government continues to build on the shoulders of the stalwarts that have gone before us, and the party represents the empowerment of the masses, the empowerment of the working class, empowerment in all forms, homeownership, education”, she added.

Citing personal experiences and the transformative impact of government policies on the lives of ordinary citizens the MP said,  “Poor people children in this country, couldn’t be lawyers, couldn’t be doctors, couldn’t be homeowners, but thank God for Labour and the concern of this party for the working class under the visionary leadership of Dr. [Denzil] Douglas and all the others who went before him and our now champion, Dr. Terrance Drew, we will continue to build for the working class.”

Invoking the spirit of solidarity, MP Henderson called on constituents to join the 6th May, 2024 march in a show of support for the government’s vision of inclusive prosperity.

As Central Basseterre charts a course towards a brighter future, Hon. Marsha Henderson stands as a beacon of leadership and advocacy, championing the aspirations of her constituents and reaffirming the Labour government’s unwavering commitment to building a more prosperous society.

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