Makalia Tucker takes 2024 Labour Queen crown

At the end of Saturday evening’s well attended and beautifully executed show, Constituency 3’s Makalia Tucker emerged as the 2024 Ms. Labour Queen. Makalia claimed the crown by amassing a total of 860 points.

Tucker was one of eight young ladies, who ranged in age from 15 to 21, who vied for the crown this year. 

The 1st runner up position was claimed by Kiaunna Pemberton of Constituency 8 who received a total of 801 points. 

The 2nd runner up went to Manya Parris of Constituency 6 with a total of 791 points. 

Venesha DeSouza, meanwhile, claimed the final 3rd runner up spot with a total of 781 points.

The unplaced contestants were Zakiya Archibald of Constituency 1, Jutambien Kelly of Constituency 2, Ju’Daronique Powell of Constituency 5 and Dariolys Mota of Constituency 7. 

The young women were judged across the Motivational Speech, Creative Wear, Performing Talent and Evening Wear segments. 

In the judged segments, Makalia also claimed the Motivational Speech, Evening Wear and Performing Talent segments. 

Zakiya emerged on top in the Creative Wear segment.

Awards were also received by Ju’Daronique who was voted Ms. Popularity and Kiaunna who was named Ms. Photogenic.

Throughout the evening, the ladies used their platform to promote the work and achievements of the St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party and shine a light on important issues including sustainable development, renewable energy, environmental protection and climate change and gender parity.

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