“Commitment made, Commitment kept!” PM Drew, MP Maynard celebrate Cayon well opening with colleagues & residents

The Federal Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew, turned out in support of Minister of Public Infrastructure, Konris Maynard, for the commissioning of the Cayon well on Friday. 

In a statement issued following the ceremony, the ministry said, “This milestone signifies a crucial step in addressing the long-standing water scarcity issues in the Cayon community and surrounding areas.”

In addition to expressing gratitude to the “hard working staff of the St. Kitts Water Services Department” Minister Maynard also had thanks for the engineers behind the drilling process.

“I would like to extend gratitude to and commendation to BEAD (Bedrock Exploration and Drilling Company) on its use of modern geophysical exploration techniques to identify this site,” said Minister Maynard.

Over the past decade, the government of St. Kitts and Nevis has seen a 20 percent decrease in rainfall, with a 40 percent reduction from the previous year alone. Consequently, the Labour-led government has raised its water budget by more than 400 percent since assuming office as part of its efforts to address this issue.

Minister Maynard indicated that the initial tests showed the water was potable. BEAD conducted a final round of tests a few weeks ago, which confirmed that the water meets all World Health Organization (WHO) standards for drinking water.

This was echoed by the Manager of the St. Kitts Water Services Department and Water Engineer, Cromwell Williams who said, “The public can have full confidence in the safety and quality of our water supplies.”

Williams also mentioned that if there are any concerns regarding water quality, individuals can reach out to the Ministry of Health experts responsible for monthly water testing.

Meanwhile, Minister Maynard has said that the addition of the Cayon well represents a small part of the government’s larger plan to address the country’s water security issue. He added that the Labour administration is exploring the redevelopment of a well near Shadwell to determine if it can produce potable water. A two-million-gallon desalination plant in Basseterre is also being developed and is projected for completion in 2025. Work on a smaller desalination plant has already commenced at Canada Estate.

A helicopter geophysical survey is also being undertaken to identify additional well sites.


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