PM Drew’s vision for a health city moves a step closer to reality

On Monday, minister with responsibility for health, Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew, moved his vision for a health city in St. Kitts and Nevis forward. 

With the full support of his cabinet colleagues, ten acres of land along Johnson Long Road in West Farm were approved to be added to the seven acres already designated. 

The land that was initially identified is to be used for the construction of the new, climate smart Joseph N. France General Hospital. The acreage now assigned to this project will become the home of the health city which Dr. Drew has described as being “modern and climate-responsive”. 

“A medical city is a large-scale healthcare complex that integrates various medical facilities, research institutions, educational centres, and support services within a single, coordinated environment,” said a report on Monday’s cabinet meeting.. 

“For a small island state like St. Kitts and Nevis, establishing a medical city is crucial as it enhances local healthcare capabilities, reduces the need for residents to seek medical treatment abroad, and attracts medical tourism, boosting the economy. 

“Additionally, it can serve as a hub for medical research and education, fostering innovation and improving overall public health standards,” the briefing stated.

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