Sports minister Samal Duggins elated over return of primary school cricket

To the delight of the public, and youngsters in particular, the St. Kitts Department of Sports announced the return of primary school cricket competitions after an extended absence. 

Minister of Sports Samal Duggins, through his secretariat, said, “This significant initiative underscores the department’s commitment to fostering youth development through sports.

The youth cricket programme launched officially over the weekend when scores of children gathered at the Conaree Cricket Stadium. Minister Duggins attended the matches and commented on the return of the cricket programme in schools.

“It was incredibly heartwarming to witness our young boys participating in cricket once again. Sports serve as a positive outlet for our youth, especially our young men. They offer countless benefits, including social interaction, valuable life lessons, leadership skills, responsibility, and time management,” he said.

Duggins emphasised the physical and mental benefits of sports along with the fact that active involvement in sports has the ability to “inspire hope for future generations”. 

“This sentiment is particularly poignant following the recent selection of the first Kittitian, Mikyle Louis, for the West Indies Cricket team,” the statement from Minister Duggins secretariat said. 

“We are on the right track in developing cricket and nurturing our players. Seeing our young athletes engaged in cricket gives me hope that more of them will follow in Mikyle Louis’ footsteps. This journey begins at the grassroots level, and both the Department of Sports and I are fully committed to developing cricket from the ground up,” said Duggins.

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